Free Food: Mobile Pantry Coming to Huntsville

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Free Food: Mobile Pantry Coming to Huntsville

Huntsville Gears Up to Welcome Mobile Food Pantry Event

Coming to Huntsville: OneGenAway’s Mobile Food Pantry

In a bid to alleviate food insecurity and hunger, the dynamic duo of OneGenAway and Refuge Church are set to bring a Mobile Food Pantry event to the city of Huntsville. The event, taking place on Saturday, July 13, from 9 to 10:30 a.m., will be held at the Calhoun Community College parking lot.

This Mobile Pantry aims to provide fresh produce, dry goods, and more to anyone in need, ensuring that food accessibility is not a barrier during these testing times. The best part? There’s no need for preliminary registration or paperwork, embodying the principles of dignity and respect for all recipients.

Description of the Mobile Pantry

In the words of Chris Whitney, the founder and CEO of OneGenAway, “With grocery prices rising at such a high rate, food is difficult enough to obtain, and new school supplies can further strain the budget. We hope coming together with Refuge Church to provide food relieves some of that late-summer stress for families.”

Whitney believes that this partnership can create a significant difference in the ongoing battle against food insecurity, particularly exacerbated during the summer months when school is out.

How Does the Mobile Pantry Work?

The process of receiving food is designed to be user-friendly, respectful and devoid of any unnecessary formalities. There’s no need for any registration or paperwork. The drive to the mobile pantry is the only requirement, and on arrival, recipients only need to open their trunks. The enthusiastic volunteers will handle the rest of the process, no matter the weather!

To ensure fairness and equitability in distribution, each car is entitled to receive one cartload of food. In case multiple households share a single car, they are welcome to go through the line again.

All hands on deck is the motto; volunteers will commence sorting and organizing food as early as 7:30 a.m. No prior appointment or registration is required to receive food or volunteer.

Location of the Event

Nothing beats the convenience of location, and the mobile food pantry is set up at the accessible college parking lot at 102 Wynn Drive Northwest.

By uniting to fight food insecurity, the event represents a beacon of hope for families grappling with the harsh outcomes of these economic times. Let’s join hands to support this initiative, help alleviate hunger, and make a difference in the community.

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