Trump Overtakes Biden in Wisconsin Post-Debate Poll by Five Percentage Points

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Trump Takes Lead Over Biden in Post-Debate Wisconsin Poll with a 5-Point Advantage

In a stunning turn of events, a post-debate statewide poll in Wisconsin reveals that former President Donald J. Trump is now leading current President Joe Biden by a margin of five percentage points.

A Look at the Numbers

The survey, hot off the heels of the spirited June 27 presidential debate, was conducted on a bipartisan basis and shows Trump securing 50 percent of the vote, while Biden trails at 45 percent. When third-party candidates are included in the equation, Biden trails by a further margin — six percentage points. An interesting highlight is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent candidate, ringing in at 9 percent.

Biden’s Struggles

The current President is significantly behind Democratic incumbent, Senator Tammy Baldwin, who boasts the support of 50 percent of likely voters in her race against Republican challenger, Eric Hovde. Among voters in the state aged 50 and above, Biden trails Trump by seven percentage points. His difficulties extend to the younger demographic as well; the poll shows that he is merely tied with Trump among voters under 50.

Source of Trump’s Strength

According to the survey, much of Trump’s power stems from firm Republican backing. In a field including multiple candidates, Trump wins the allegiance of an astounding 93 percent of Republicans, while Biden only manages to win over 86 percent of Democrats. It’s also worth noting that 10 percent of Wisconsin Democrats assert they plan to support a third-party candidate.

The Impact of Past Performance

The public’s perception of Trump’s first term in the White House also appears to be a critical factor in this newfound lead. Just over half of Wisconsin voters strongly approve of his time in office, a considerable increase compared to the 39 percent who strongly approve of Biden’s performance thus far. Almost every demographic group in the state felt that Trump outperformed Biden in last month’s debate.

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