Accused Killer of Jayson Click, Warren Siao, Out on Bond in Nevada

Courtroom scene with lawyer.

Accused Killer of Jayson Click, Warren Siao, Out on Bond in Nevada

Madison Co., Alabama – Warren Siao, the man accused of shooting and killing tow truck driver Jayson Click during a repossession in December 2023, is currently out on a $60,000 bond. However, his bondsman has confirmed that Siao is not in the state of Alabama, but in Nevada.

Bond Conditions Violated

Under Alabama law, individuals out on bond are not allowed to leave the state without notifying the court. Siao did not receive permission to leave and is considered to be in violation of his bond terms by prosecutors in the Madison County District Attorney’s Office. His bondsman, Angelo Contino with Betta Bonds, stated that Siao informed him of his whereabouts before heading to Nevada.

Contino emphasized that they must feel completely comfortable with the defendant’s location, as some individuals may try to come up with excuses. In Siao’s case, Contino does not believe he is a flight risk or poses any danger.

Legal Perspective

Attorney Mark McDaniel, who is not involved in this case, explained that when individuals bond out of jail, they are required to adhere to certain conditions, including not leaving the state without consent. Siao’s failure to seek permission before heading to Nevada has put him in violation of the bond agreement.

Trial Date Pending

As of now, a trial date for Warren Siao has not been set. The situation has raised concerns about his compliance with the bond conditions and the need for legal action to address the violation.

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