Former James Clemens Football Standout Hosts 2nd Annual Youth Football Camp

Youth football training camp.

Former James Clemens Football Standout Hosts 2nd Annual Youth Football Camp

Former High School Football Standout Hosts Annual Youth Camp in Madison

Madison, AL – On Saturday,
Monty Rice, a former James Clemens High School football standout, held his 2nd Annual Monty Rice Youth Football Camp at the Madison City Schools Stadium. Monty Rice teamed up with his old high school teammate, LaBryan Ray, along with other current NFL players to help make the camp a success.

Helping Young Aspiring Athletes

The main goal of the camp was to provide hands-on instruction to young athletes from professionals who once stood on the same field, honing their skills. The former James Clemens players hoped to inspire the next generation of football players, teaching them the importance of discipline, hard work, and tenacity while also imparting crucial football techniques and strategies.

“Believe In Yourself” – Monty Rice

However, for Rice, the camp wasn’t just about football techniques. He intended to leave the young attendees with more than just sporting advice – a life lesson.

When I was that age, I used to tell people all the time that I was going to do what I’m doing now, and nobody believed it, and it happened”, shared Rice, who currently plays in the NFL. “I just want these kids to know, don’t listen to the doubt because when people doubt you, they’re the ones doubting themselves so just keep pushing”, he added.

Rice’s Continued Commitment to the Community

Rice further affirmed his commitment to being accessible to the kids, emphasizing that it matters most to him. His message resonated powerfully among the young attendees, reminding them of the importance of self-belief, determination, and ambition – incredibly valuable traits not just on the field, but off it as well.

Hopeful for Future Annual Camps

With the successful completion of the 2nd Annual Monty Rice Youth Football Camp, the former James Clemens football players remain optimistic about the continuity of the event. The camp, originally started to foster local football talents and to give back to the community, has now become an awaited event for local youth athletes. Based on the positive reactions from both attendees and parents alike, there seems great hope for the continuation of the Annual Monty Rice Youth Football Camp in the years to come.

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