Huntsville is a highland town recognized for its modern and high-tech innovations. It is today known for aerospace and military technology, however it was once noted for its railroad business and cotton trade. After all, that is why the city is known as Rocket City! Huntsville, despite its modernity, is steeped in history.

It was the first English-speaking city in its state and a pivotal figure in the American Civil War. The city is now incredibly varied, thanks in part to its illustrious past, with over 100 dialects and languages spoken within its borders. In general, there are plenty of activities to do in and around the city.

Its many distinct attractions include natural parks and preserves, space-related activities, great museums, art institutions, and more. Rocket City has something for everyone, thanks to its flexibility and far-reaching legacies.



Huntsville is a city in northern Alabama, United States, and the seat of Madison County (1808). It’s about 100 miles (160 kilometers) north of Birmingham, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains near the Tennessee River.


There are about 65 parks in the city, totaling over 3,000 acres. These parks can range in size from modest green spaces to enormous multi-use areas with a variety of activities and equipment. The majority of these parks are wheelchair accessible.


Festivals and concerts, as well as outdoor movies, farmers markets, cuisine tastings, and excursions, are all held throughout the year in Huntsville. Take a look at what Huntsville, Alabama has to offer in terms of entertainment.


Huntsville City Schools has 43 schools, including six high schools, 11 middle and junior high schools, and 26 elementary schools.


Crestwood Medical Center is a medical facility in Huntsville, Alabama. The medical complex had 918 workers as of 2014. The Joint Commission has accredited it.


Throughout Huntsville, there are several sites to applaud. Regardless of your religious affiliation, we provide a list of churches here.


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