Town Council helps Priceville Elementary furnish school

Town council donating furniture.

Town Council helps Priceville Elementary furnish school

In an act of community spirit and commitment to education, the Town Council of Priceville has generously contributed a sizable sum of $10,000 to Priceville Elementary School. This donation will be used for a long-overdue project to replace outdated and worn furniture throughout the school building, according to an official statement.

A Contribution Towards Education

Approved during a recent council meeting, this $10,000 donation is part of an annual practice whereby the city allocates funds to the three Priceville schools. The selection process involves the schools submitting letters detailing their needs, which subsequently receive due consideration before disbursement. As City Clerk Shannon Weissand confirmed, this earmarked amount forms part of the city’s general fund, and the other schools are expected to submit their letters by October.

Fulfilling a Long-standing Need

In his letter to the mayor and council, Priceville Elementary Principal Daniel Gullion shed light on the necessity of this initiative. He stated that when the new school building was established in 2000, they were forced to use furniture from the previous school, instead of investing in new fittings. With this grant, the goal is to systematically update two or three classrooms at a time, replacing student desks that were originally sourced from the older school.

Significance of the Funding

Mirroring the sentiments of Mayor Sam Heflin, Assistant Principal Brandy Quattlebaum highlighted how state funding often falls short when it comes to purchasing larger items such as student desks and school furniture. The assistant principal revealed that renovating and upgrading the existing furniture at Priceville Elementary is a continuous effort, hindered by the limitations of state funding. With previous contributions from community partners such as Traditions Bank, the school managed to purchase new science tables last year. The recent funding from the Town Council will now aid in acquiring classroom tables and chairs.

Aiding Multiple Classrooms

Quattlebaum clarified that the funds will be distributed among several classrooms rather than just one. She admitted that though this donation will assist in the ongoing school renovation, more support would be needed in the future. She added that individual furniture units can often cost up to $1,000, making this kind of help from the council invaluable. It is claimed that the financial aid can make a significant difference and go a long way in easing school upgrades.

This commitment from the Town Council signals a profound respect for academia and a willingness to support the educational infrastructures that form the cornerstone of Priceville’s community. While the school continues to seek future support through potential partnerships in education, this gesture from the council exemplifies a community striving for betterment and growth together.

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